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Freeport Square Gallery is committed to helping Maine artists have access to the Freeport retail sector.
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About Freeport Square

Maine has a long history of inspiring artists. The light, the scenery, the energy of the coast, the fields, the mountains, the lakes, the wildlife and flora all find their way into the psyche of artists – Maineiacs and ‘from away’.

Freeport Square is dedicated to the concept of helping Maine artists have access to Main Street, Freeport commerce.

Come visit to experience real Maine art - art that is inspired and inspirational. We have art that is sophisticated and art that is charming, new art forms and art that has been a mainstay since artists such as Homer and his cohorts discovered the light and scenery, seagulls and lighthouses of Maine. The Wyeth family, Hopper, Indiana and more – famous and infamous have made art in Maine. The tradition of art being made in Maine is legendary and ongoing. The quality of original Maine art stands out.  We choose art that reflects the Maine sensibility.

Appreciators and collectors have been as active as artists during the same span of time. We are here for collectors – be it art to be shown in a cabin or a castle. We showcase a large range of works. A collector can see the energy different works brought together can bring about. A decorator can find an array of work to pick from. A tourist can find a piece of Maine to take home.

Part of our philosophy is that visitors and artists alike come in an array of possibilities – we offer a range of options for purchase of original art. Come visit and check it out!


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